Lillie ΘΔ (@hytracer)

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Low level/homebrew developer, computer hacker, and art (somehow)

Hey there!! Name's Lillie / Cin (they/she). I'm an energy-fuelled low-level developer and an avid computer/console hacker; in shorter terms, i spend most of my time writing software, mostly related to computer, networking, or web, if i'm not tinkering around other software or hardware, like writing videogame cheats or modding old consoles

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## what the do

— reverse engineering the Wii at WiiLink
— writing cybersecurity tooling @ sif
— (previously) making vtubing software with friends at Vignette
— previously hatching flags at CVE2K9
— ... while pushing trash code on github

## links n socials

~ social & instant messaging
~ code and software
~ games/other

these are personal spaces, be warned

please avoid contacting me if you run into issues with my software, I get a lot of messages and it's hard to keep track of it, use github instead.